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Believe it or not, people and especially companies all over the world still use fax these days, even when there is email almost in every household. The email has changed the way we send and receive documents and files, changed the way we communicate with one another but sometimes the email is not enough and we need to use a fax, especially if a certain company requires a document by fax and not the mail.

I say something else – we all need to send or receive a fax every once in a while, but why should you pay for a brnad new fax machine if you won’t be using it very often? Why waste time and money waiting in line at the post office or a store with a fax service just to send a single paper? There is a way to send and receive fax all over the world for free from the convenience of your own house, sometimes even using your own email program without buying any special software or install anything. How does that sound to you?
Here are just a few benefits for sending fax using the internet without leaving the house:

1) Send and receive fax all over the world for free.
2) Save money – no need to buy a fax machine or endless A4 paper.
3) Get your own toll-free fax number.
4) No more busy signals or annoying noise when sending or receiving fax.
5) Use your own email program to send and receive fax all over the world.

Sending and receiving fax was never easier and more convenient as it is today. As you can see, no need to get a fax machine, a phone, no need for paper and no need to leave the house. The technology today is advanced and is getting ever better day after day that we can now use a free service to send and receive fax all over the world, fast and easy to use. So next time you need to send a fax, just use your own computer and you’re done.

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