What to do when Synchronization of corrupt OST file cannot be Performed

Outlook PST file is permitted to receive a specific amount of data. Some size limit is set. Only up to that size limit data can be accumulated in it. But when a large amount of data is stored or received in it, then Outlook OST and PST files that store the data gets damaged or corrupt. Because of corruption of OST file, you become unable to synchronize with the Exchange Server mailbox. When synchronization cannot be done properly, data of the OST file does not get converted to PST file. For synchronization, you have to make a
proper connection between Exchange Server and OST file. In such situations, OST to PST converter can be used to convert OST to PST.

Let's study an error message that is encountered when you make an attempt to synchronize the OST file, whose size is larger than 2 GB, the OST file refuses to add more data in it. And, error message says something like this:

“Errors in background synchronization. In most cases, more information is available in a synchronization log in the Deleted Items folder.”

When synchronization log is open, you see the following information in the application event log:

“15:19:28 Synchronizing Mailbox ''
15:19:28 Synchronizing Folder 'Outlook Security Settings'
15:19:28 Error synchronizing folder
15:19:28 [8004060C-53F-0-550]
15:19:28 The OST has reached its maximum size. To reduce
the amount of data in this OST, start Outlook in offline mode, select some
items that you no longer need, permanently ( press SHIFT + DEL) delete
them, then re-sync this folder.
15:19:28 Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
15:19:28 For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
15:19:28 Synchronizing Views
15:19:28 Done
15:19:29 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
15:19:29 Download successful”

After receiving above behavior, the process of synchronization cannot be easily carried out.

The size limitation of OST and PST files are set to 2 GB in size, in Microsoft Outlook 2002 and earlier versions. When you attempt to add more data to the file, it may get damaged and become completely unusable. Behind above error also same is the reason.

Above problem can be solved by reducing the size of the OST file and by repairing it if the OST file is damaged. Size can be reduced by deleting the unwanted items from the OST file, and then compact it. However, if the OST file is corrupt or damaged, then you can make use of a third party OST to PST converter tools. Such third party tools convert OST to PST in an exact manner and makes all the data of the mail objects, such as contacts, attachments, appointments, tasks, journal, events, and other objects accessible.

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