Emails Disappear after Installing Microsoft Entourage 12.2.7 updates - Perform Entourage Recovery

You clicked on " Update" software; in Microsoft Entourage asks to install the updates and noted that your valuable e-mail is reported missing after completion of the process of levelling and restarting of the system? Eh well, that must have events after installation of Microsoft Entourage 12.2.7 update. He ya an unknown problem in this last update which affects ms Entourage asks and can possibly damage the Entourage database, causing needs for solutions of Entourage recovery.
With missing e-mail of the database, there exist several other effects of this update. 

Sometimes, Entourage cannot remember your password and the attempts to still enter the password still and. In certain cases, application can be blocked and cease answering. It does not matter the way in which it affects your Entourage database, it is finally your invaluable inaccessible data and requires Entourage repair to be fixed. You must always point out to you; an update never not to remove the data of the database, except if you made an error at the time of levelling. 

Solution of update 12.2.7 Problems Entourage If you do not manage to see your data after the levelling, you must try to change l' identity. For that, follow the stages indicated To go to the small Entourage. Click on Changer d' identity Select l' identity suitable which contains your data. If you see multiple identities, try to select each identity jusqu' so that your e-mail. If you can see that principal identity, then you could have moved the MUD (Microsoft User Dated) file or Entourage database.

 Ms Entourage needs following files in only one place to function correctly, 

~/Documents/User datum Microsoft/Identities Office 2008 /Principal Identity/Database

Here " ~" indicate the starting file.

 If the method above does not function, your Entourage database could be damaged and you have need to repair the database Entourage Entourage by using solutions of basic repair of data. The applications Microsoft Entourage of recovery are completely sure and easy to use. tools for recovery Entourage Mac are equipped with technical high-projections of digitalization to digitize and methodically recover Entourage database. These tools are able d' to extract all the basic elements from data such as e-mail, notes, tasks, newspaper, the project, the enclosures and contacts.


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