Salient Features of Adroit Photo Recovery

In a recent review of top photo related software, we recommended Adroit Photo Recovery over other similar photo recovery applications. In this article we would like to talk more about the APR's unique features.

What was made clear from the previous article was how simple Adroit Photo Recovery was to use, but more impressively it was able to recover a few more completed jpegs than the competition.
There is a technique called SmartCarving. SmartCarving allows a person to recover fragmented photos, which does not happen with other applications.

Validation of Data
APR also unlike the other software reviewed, shows the status of the photo recovered. It clearly marks in separate tabs/areas which photos have been successfully recovered, which photos have been partially recovered, and which photos are not deleted. What this means from a usability point of view is that a user does not have to guess or spend time examining each picture in detail to see if the picture was fully recovered or not. You know exactly what you are getting from the recovery.

Advanced Grouping/Filtering
Once recovery is complete APR provides some of the most powerful, grouping and filtering options to make sure your data is present. By default photos that have been recovered are grouped by date, however, what makes this impressive is that the date is not taken from the file system initially, but from the camera EXIF data. Therefore, if you are looking for specific camera pictures taken on a specific date, APR will be able to group the pictures together. In addition, to specific dates, APR also groups by month, and by year. Other grouping options include like that of file name, file size, location etc.

Built-in Photo Viewer
One of the cooler parts of the grouping is that you can select a particular group (say all the pictures on a select date), and the internal photo viewer will appear with only those images and you can then preview those images to visually verify their integrity. Additional file information for the recovered photos can also be found here.

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