Photo Recovery - Nikon D3000 Supported Memory Cards

Nikon D3000 is a digital camera capable of capturing high definition JPEG and .NEF Raw file pictures. It is equipped with a 10.20 megapixel CCD, 3.00x zoom of 18-55mm, 100-3200 ISO, 30-1/4000 sec shutter speed, 3.5 max aperture. The storage media used in this camera are SDHC and SD cards.

SDHC and SD cards being vulnerable to several damaging factors, data stored in them are not loss-safe. Even an accidental stroke of a key can delete your most precious pictures. Running a data backup process can recover the lost or deleted photos. However, if the facility is unavailable on your camera, or if it cannot help, you need some specific Digital card recovery software.

Think you want to view some photos on your Nikon D3000 or transfer them to your PC. Now, when you try to access your card, you find no pictures in it. An error message like the following rather dongs squarely up before your eyes:

Card not initialized

Even if you remove and reload the card, the same error message keeps popping up, while the photos are nowhere to be found. They are lost.


If you are sure you used a formatted card when taking the photographs, the above error message could have most probably been prompted by either of the following errors:

1.removal of storage device from card reader or camera during previous data transfer or read/write process,

2.switching the camera off during previous data transfer or read/write process.

Both these mishandling actions have caused malfunctioning of the storage medium resulting in loss of the photos stored on them.


Now, you need to format your card to make it usable again, which will delete all data in it. Then, try running an updated data backup process, a simple built-in safeguard available on PCs and recent digital cameras to prevent data loss. If this facility is unavailable, or if it cannot help, buy and use a powerful Memory card recovery software. Programs to ensure Digital card recovery employ highly advanced methods and algorithms to cater to complex digital photo recovery needs of the time.


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