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MS-Access database application is one of the popular software. With the help of such application, you have an option to remove, insert, and update the records in the database, query the database to fetch the data. This application is simple and easy to use. It comes bundled with the MS-Office product suite. It generates customized reports, and many more. At times, corruption ruins its overall working. For corruption, number of factors are responsible. But to handle such corruption, numerous methods are also available. You have an option to use a backup and inbuilt methods. If backup falls short to recover the data, then the only and the last option is to recover Access database by a third party Access database repair software.

To further clarify above issue, suppose in your system MS-Access 2007 database is installed in your system. On one day, you come across quite an unusual behavior. When you make an attempt to open a form that have been created by you. It simply fails to open. On each and every attempt you noticed the same behavior.

Ground of the Problem:
The reason that is not allowing you to open the created form is the corruption of MS-Access database.

To overcome such behavior, and to repair Access file. It is advised to maintain a backup of the database. This is because if Access database cannot be repaired by this software, you can go for other tips or fixes. Follow the below steps:

• Use built-in repair utility. For executing this utility. Use the File button, and click Manage. With the help of this utility, corrupt or damaged indexes in the database gets repaired.
• If above steps not help you, then import the objects into a new database by following the below steps:
1) Make a new database.
2) Turn off the checkbox named as Name AutoCorrect. This can be done by the use of Button → Access Options → Current Database.
3) Import the tables by the use of External Data >> Import >> Access.
4) Import other objects, such as forms, reports, modules, macros, and queries.
5) Set minimal references under Tools >> References.
6) At last compile the form. The forms will be executed if the process of import is successful.

However, if you are still facing the same problem, then it is advised to make use of a third party Access Repair software. Such software repair Access file in an absolute manner. These have read-only designs, well described procedures, and good recovery abilities. Select a software carefully because many fake commitments have also been made by the company for the promotion of their product.

Access Recovery software completely repairs Access file and recovers objects, such as forms, reports, macros, queries, tables, and modules with much ease. A log report of database repair process is generated. Additionally, a VBA code for MS-Access forms and modules gets recovered. It shows compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000. You can download a demo version of the software.


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