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Maintaining a personal computer and a business computing system is not the same deal. If you think it to do yourself, be sure to face number of critical situations. However taking help from professionals may help you a lot in this.

There is a common thought process - computer maintenance is just a series of simple and regular steps which you need to do to improve computer’s security. But, in reality, this is not. Updating important software, keeping your antivirus subscription up to date, checking for spy ware – all these can be simple tasks, if you
apply it on your home computer.

 In a workplace there could be hundreds of systems with different hardware and software configuration. Therefore, the need for daily monitoring also varies from time to time. The ongoing maintenance of company backup system is also a typical activity that need close attention. All in all, complete IT support and monitoring service require expert hands.

Let us see what type of services you can claim from your IT support outsourcing companies:

The first job is to divide your maintenance operation in two sections:

Preventive maintenance: This is to avoid future mistakes and other technical problems. The process includes: finding and removing viruses from your hard drive, finding and correcting errors in the physical and logical disk, disk defragmentaion, cleaning up mother board and other technical devices from dust etc.

Corrective maintenance: It includes complete diagnosis and repairing equipments for a technical problem.

There are other compulsory activities like:

1. Signing up for software update e-mail notices. This is important for your operating system, antivirus program and firewalls.

2. Registering the software. This is to make sure you register new software in future. Software manufacturer will send you alerts if updates are available

3. Immediate installation of software updates

4. Keeping important file safe and clean. Changing passwords to ensure computer security

5. Scanning files to update antivirus software, searching potential computer worms and viruses
6. On-site and off-site databack up services on a regular basis

More the systems your company has, more difficult it is to maintain all of them. Better leave the job to professionals so that you can concentrate on your main business.

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