How to Use BlackBerry Web Browser

BlackBerry is a smartphone to give you great features including the managing and organizing features to launch your busy working days. And, as everybody knows today BlackBerry is sort of high-end handset brand to amuse people in enjoying the internet browsing anywhere, anytime.

However, you should know well how to use the handset for internet browsing. Do you know how to do that?

First, open the Menu and hit both the “Alt” and “Esc” keys to toggle between applications.

Second, if you use the BlackBerry Pearl, you should use the track ball as a cursor and move round the screen and browse the internet.

Third, highlight text on screen with your cursor to copy and paste the text. The “Context” will change and you should select the option to copy and paste the text.

Fourth, scroll the right side screen for long web pages. If you want to go back to previous web pages, you should tap on the “Escape” button.

Fifth, you can close down the web pages by holding down the escape button for a few seconds.


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