How to Recover Archive PST Files with PST Recovery Tool?

The best way to keep your Outlook PST file small is to use the archive option. With the help of this feature, PST file is easily managed. It protects the PST file from corruption,as the increased size of the PST file leads to corruption. In Outlook, an advanced feature i.e., Auto Archive is present which performs archive operation automatically for old items of the Outlook PST file. For taking the advantage of Auto Archive feature you have to change some settings. Without those settings, automatic archiving
operation remains unsuccessful. But at times, Auto Archive feature does not show required results even if the settings are correct. This is because of corrupt archive.pst. To get rid of such problems you need to opt for third-party PST Recovery tools. These tools recover PST in a comprehensive manner.

In respect to above issue, let's talk about a situation that arises because of Auto-archive feature. Suppose you use Outlook e-mail client, in which Auto-archive feature is enabled. But after a few days, you observe that the size of the PST file grows very quickly despite using Auto-archive feature. Do you know why this has happened? This generally happens because the feature fails. And the result is that whatever mails and data resides in the PST file can no longer be archived. Obviously, size of the PST file exceeds the set size limit and makes PST file damaged or destroyed.

Following are the causes that lead to above situation, thereby causing data loss for you:

  • When the modification date changes for some of the items, they become newer than the archiving date. Auto Archive feature does not extend to those Outlook mails. Modification date changes for items when these items are scanned, replied-to, forwarded, imported, moved to another folder, or synchronized.
  • The mailbox reaches the maximum size limit set by the mail administrator.
  • Corrupt Archive.pst is also responsible for the above mentioned situation. As, Auto-archive feature fails to work on a corrupt PST file.
  • Full archive.pst file is also a problem.
  • It might be possible that you have not included some of the PST items to be Auto-archived.

As per the cause solutions are given:

  • Change the modified dates of problematic PST items.
  • Empty the mailbox or contact the mail administrator to increase the size limit.
  • Open the problematic Outlook PST item. Select File >> Properties and deselect 'Do not Auto Archive this item' option.
  • Create a new archive.pst file to transfer the items into it.
  • Scan and recover the PST file with the help of a third-party PST recovery software. The tool does not recover PST file if the Outlook PST file is badly damaged.

If the corrupt PST file gets repaired with the help of this software, then it is good. Otherwise, use a third-party PST Recovery software. These tools recover PST in such a manner that makes all the data of the archived PST file accessible to you that was previously inaccessible.


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