Is It Feasible to Split Huge Outlook PST File by a PST File Splitter

Unable to use Outlook application because of increased size? Well, it is a true fact that increased size of Outlook PST file makes an Outlook e-mail client non-responsive. For making Outlook further responsive you need to decrease the size of PST file. Oversize PST file may lead to PST corruption also. And, corruption results in data inaccessibility situations. So, it is better to decrease the size of your PST file. Size of Outlook PST file can be decreased by applying corrective measures. Moreover, you have an option of a third party PST file splitter as well. Such third party software splits PST file when all other inbuilt methods do not help

Sometimes, it happens that Microsoft Outlook do not responds when you perform e-mail operations in it. These e-mail operations may be reading, deleting, or moving an e-mail. Such kind of ill behavior is seen at the time of e-mail delivery or at the time of synchronization. This behavior is seen in the case of large Outlook PST file that is 4 GB or more.

The root cause for the above situation is that various new features of Outlook 2007. Moreover, a new data structure for Outlook OST and PST files have been introduced. In the new data structure the frequency of accumulating the data in it increases as the number of Outlook items increases. Without the aid of this software, no Outlook OST and PST file can be created.

Above situation can be easily overcome if you decrease the size of mailbox by deleting the Outlook items. Also, archiving the Outlook items to one or more Outlook PST files. If size of mailbox gets decreased, then size of OST file will also be decreased. Split a large Outlook PST file into a smaller ones. Well, there is no inbuilt utility in Outlook. BY following steps a large Outlook PST file can be slitted:

1.    Make use of a Archive feature to transfer the items to a new Outlook PST file.
2.    Use the feature Move to Folder to transfer the items to a new Outlook PST file.

Still if Outlook PST file cannot get slitted, then you can split PST file by a third party PST file splitter. These tools yield good results. Before splitting the Outlook PST file by these tools, it is advised to create a backup copy and execute the tool on the backup copy. This is so because if you do not get desired results, then you will face no further damage after a third party tool execution.

PST File Splitter is a highly commendable tool that is used to split PST file. The tool splits multiple Outlook PST files on different parameters, such as size, date, e-mail ID, folders, and more. Formatting of RTF and HTML messages remain preserved. The tool shows compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000 and NT4 (SP6).


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In order to Split Large PST File, you can try Stellar PST File Splitter Software that Split PST Files into many small PST files on the basis of Date, Size, Email Ids & Folders and hence save it from corruption.

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